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bulletPallet Racks! 

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Modular Pallet Flow System

Over the years the reliability of flow products has been based on a troubled relationship between the flow products and the materials to be handled...Pallets and wheels, containers and rollers.

Speedrack's Modular Pallet Flow System® takes the core principles that created Modular Rollback and introduces them to a flow through environment. The same concept that the load and the conveying surface travel together makes the concept of "conveyability" a thing of the past. Virtually all unit load designs flow reliably. Most types of pallet damage will not affect flow. Just like the success of Modular Rollback, restrictions on mixed load size and weight in a lane are greatly reduced.

Carrier Width 38" 44" 50"
Overall Track Width 42" 48" 54"
Carrier Length 36" 42" 48" 54"

bulletSmooth transition and flow for most types of loads and containers
bulletReliable flow for light loads
bulletAbility to mix size and weight in a lane
bulletStandard capacities to 3,000 pounds/load
bulletFlexibility as products and needs change


bulletTransition Plates
bulletMaintained Load Separation
bulletAdditional Flow / Speed Control
bulletDischarge Position Lock Out
bulletWidths up to 120"
bulletEntry Guides


Molded plastic containers

Metal racks and baskets

Block pallets

Real Life” standard pallets

Slip sheets

Case pick interface


Selective Rack

Teardrop Selective Rack Series offers all the benefits of closed tube design plus compatibility with other teardrop patterns.  Companies adding to older existing storage facilities can retain the existing rack beams and enjoy the benefits of the stronger more torque resistant teardrop uprights. New Speedrack beams will also fit most existing uprights.

Features and Benefits

bulletClosed tube column construction
bulletCompatible with other teardrop racks
bulletMultiple color selections
bulletSuperb impact resistance and safety
bulletSpring activated safety lock
bulletStandard 3 stud connector
bulletOptional 2 or 4 stud connectors
bulletUnique versatility
bulletWide range of rack accessories
bulletMaximum torsion resistance of any racking system
bulletBeam face with unique label inset

Structural Selective

Structural steel pallet rack is unmatched for heavy load, capacity and resistance to impact. Structural steel pallet rack offers the  same superior performance and outstanding quality as our other storage systems. Structural pallet racks are made with hot rolled steel channel uprights, the frames are welded to form a rigid, strong support  for the beams. Beams are bolted with two 1/2" diameter bolts at each end to provide shelf capacities up to 20,000 pounds.

Benefits and Features

bullet3" and 4" welded structural steel frames
bullet3" to 6" beam depths available
bulletBolted beam-to-column construction
bulletBeams adjustable in 2" increments
bulletSimplicity of design - heavy load capacity
bulletGreater resistance to localized impact damage
bulletEasy cleaning - open channel shape
bulletMultiple color selections
bulletSimple Installation
bulletWide range of accessories available

Cantilever Rack

Furniture style Cantilever rack is ideally suited where solid wood shelves are needed to store bulky items like furniture weighing up to 50 PSF, or for the storage of long and relatively light components.

Heavy Duty style Cantilever rack provides the high capacities suitable for the storage of lumber, steel shapes, and pallets. Columns are closed tubes formed from two channels with a thickness up to 1/4". Arms can be made from a variety of shapes with accessories to suit nearly any type of product.


A drive-in system can be engineered that affords the very best space and cost savings solution for individual requirements.

Benefits and Features

bulletMaximum space utilization
bulletCant Legs for increased truck clearance
bulletEngineered for safety
bulletTubular steel construction
bulletMinimum aisles required
bulletTubular or Angular rails

Reverse Gravity Flow Systems

Reverse gravity flow systems offer greater flexibility than drive in systems, greater reliability than flow rail systems and the accessibility and versatility of selective rack. These highly efficient systems maximize your working cube while reducing aisle space and eliminating honeycombing. There's no need to enter the racks, you pick and fill from the aisle.


Palletized loads are placed on precision wheeled carts that roll on inclined frames. Carts are self-aligning and designed so loads remain contained in the system. This means that pallet condition and conveyability aren't nearly as critical as flow rail systems.


Roll back modules are gravity operated for simple trouble free operation. They use a minimum of vertical space and can handle loads up to 3000 lbs. per pallet.