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Who Needs Warehouse Plan!®?

Everyone who is responsible for storage of palletized goods, Small or Large!


A Nutritional Supplement Distributor has a Long and Narrow (100’ x 26‘) warehouse bay.  They were ready to lease the adjacent warehouse because they thought they were out of space (at a cost of $25,000 a year just for rent!) After reviewing their facility with Warehouse Plan!® they realized that they could actually double the number of Pallet Racks in their existing warehouse!

bulletA Fulfillment Company was able to increase from 4 rows of rack to 7 in the same warehouse Saving them from renting another warehouse bay (at a cost of $57,000 a year) by utilizing Warehouse Plan!®  
bulletA Graphics / Fulfillment Company looked at moving into a larger facility (square footage wise), but due to the configuration, they would not be able to store any more Pallets. Warehouse Plan!® Saved them from making a big mistake!

Warehouse Plan!® Is a simple to use Space Utilization tool using Computer Aided Design & Drafting from TurboCAD®. This is the same program used by Material Handling Consultants (the days of a ruler and small squares on paper are over!)

Warehouse Plan!® Allows a quick glance in only minutes, to guide you into the right direction to cost savings! Just place a parallel line to the width measurement of your warehouse and a clear picture with several options is right in front of you, and can easily be printed out on paper!

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